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Karen Adendorff: Publisher
Karen Adendorff: Publisher
Karen Adendorff is from childhood busy with some sort of craft and she gets al hyped up when she thinks of ideas: " I need more than one lifetime in order to create all the ideas that are in my head." Interior decorating is extremely expensive these days and people are looking for unique quality crafted items – as if the craft industry are experiencing some sort of renaissance. Environmental awareness sensitized her even more towards creating and innovating a greener way.
Karen is a full time publisher at LAPA Publishers where she also extend her passion for crafts and books: "In this way we share knowledge and ideas that develop more ideas." She hopes that crafts will be soon the new 'green'.

Karen's Contact Details

c.    0827808493
t.    012 401 0700
e.    karena@lapa.co.za
w.    www.lapa.co.za
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